Welcome to the Tennessee Valley Hunt

2011 Three Sisters Fixture

2012 the field at Bakers Creek

2013 Stirrup cup at Blackberry Farm

2013 Our hunt is a zoo!

2013 Hounds at Berry Hill

2013 MFH Carla Hawkinson having fun in the snow at Berry Hill

2013 Cheryl Handler follows the Field at Berry Hill

2012 Opening Meet Earl Grey all dolled up

2012 Opening Meet Big Valley

2012 TVH Puppy Show

2013 Opening Meet 25 years worth of hunt medals

Tennessee Valley's Penn-Marydels

Big Valley

Cubbing in the corn at Big Valley

2013 Closing Meet Berry Hill

Carla Hawkinson, MFH at 2013 Opening Meet

2013 Opening Meet

John Nicely at 2013 Opening Meet

Rosie Merle-Smith, MFH at 2013 Opening Meet

Grosvenor Merle-Smith, MFH at 2013 Opening Meet

2013 Opening Meet

Professional Huntsman Ryan Johnsey at 2013 Opening Meet

Professional Huntsman Ryan Johnsey at 2013 Opening Meet

2013 Opening Meet Hunt Breakfast in the Berry Hill Stud Barn

The 2013-2014 Season is our 25th Silver Anniversary!

The Tennessee Valley Hunt was founded in 1989, registered in 1991 and recognized by the Master of Foxhounds Association in 1993.  TVH is unique in that most of the founding members had never foxhunted prior to forming the hunt.  They were, however, most intrigued with the concept.

Fortunately, the founders befriended Dr. Todd Addis of Elverson, Pennsylvania, who agreed to bring his fine pack of Penn-Marydel foxhounds to Tennessee.  He and his wife, Happy, taught the fledgling foxhunters all about hunting and TVH was born.  Before they returned to PA, the Addises made a gift of 20 couple of Penn-Marydel Hounds to TVH.

The Tennessee Valley Hunt now enjoys hunting fox and coyote in several counties surrounding Knoxville, Tennessee.  The territory is a mixture of private and public lands, with rolling open fields and some steep woodland.  Members particularly enjoy hunting the picturesque bottom lands of the Tennessee and Holston Rivers and the mountain foothills of the Appalachians.   Jumps are coops and post and rail. 

Hounds are kenneled at the newly-constructed facility near Greeneville, Tennessee on beautiful rolling land. TVH employs a professional huntsman, Ryan Johnsey from Virginia, to care for, train and hunt the pack.

TVH is known for its passion for sport, the excellent cry of its Penn-Marydel Hounds, friendly subscribers and gracious southern hospitality.

Enjoy our website.  Most of the photos featured throughout were taken by Gretchen Pelham, MFH.  Thank you for visiting.